Services - Anticorrosive Protection

Euronavy Engineering has the know-how and a large and diversified set of equipments that enables it to be present in the anti-corrosive market and to reliably fulfil its customers needs and expectations. The company is apt to developseveral types of interventions involving:

Adequate surface preparation through Ultra-High Pressure water, with pressures up to 3000 bar. Euronavy is proud of being pioneer in Portugal in implementing this technology and to be the best equipped company in this field.
Abrasive blasting
Despite of favouring hydroblasting as its reference method for surface preparation, the company also offers more conventional solutions. It has the most advanced equipments for blasting through dry or humid abrasive methods.
New technologies for surface treatment
Euronavy is permanently searching for new environmentally friendly and economically advantageous technologies.
The adoption of high performance solvent free painting systems allows to respond properly to the Client needs, considering also the environmental impact reduction.
Application of high performance coatings
The utilization of high performance solvent free epoxi resins in conjunction with glass fibber (applied manually or projected) constitutes an effective system for bottom tanks (e.g. fuel tanks) refurbishment in order to avoid substitution of the steal and, therefore, lowering maintenance costs.
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