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Endowed with one of the larger, and most advanced, equipments park of surface treatment Euronavy Engineering collaborates with its Clients renting equipments and providing all the technical support in order to achieve a performance up to the expectations, almost eliminating all the stoppage times.

The advantages of using of using our technology are essentially on the following aspects:


  • Technical – the hidroblasting offers a surface technically prepared, making possible the achievement of the desired surface pardon’s, as well as a surface free of invisible contaminants such as salts, dusts, and others;
  • Cost – the hidroblasting generates small amounts of residues being the fact reflected on the final cost;
  • Environment – the hidroblasting is an environmentally sustainable technology as it does not releases dusts, and others, into the environment and only uses water without adding any other chemicals.


Latest generation equipments, allied to a superior technical support, torn into tangible results for our Clients.


Since always with a focus on achieving High Performance, with Sustainability, we today offer a wide range of solutions, custom to each Client.


For any futher informations please do not hesitate to contact us!

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