Services - Concrete Treatment


With the gained experience in the anticorrosion services, Euronavy Engineering has broaden its application areas and now offers treatments for concrete through the most recent technologies. Services provided in this area include:
Structural repair
Using high performance solvent free primers for armor treatment and cement or epoxi mortars to repair concrete structures.
Resin injection
Unmatched experience in the specification and the application of polymeric resins tuned for each case in terms of reology and curing profile..
Solvent free epoxy coatings
The company has high performance solutions for concrete treatments for water and waste water treatment or other industrial environments.
New generation polymeric coatings
Lower number of coating layers, ultra-fast curing, high resistances. This is made possible through the use of coatings such as polyureas or polyaspartics finishing.
Industrial and decorative flooring
Diversified solutions, such as selfleveling, multilayer epoxi systems, high build painting systems or terrazo.
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