Company - Company Policy


The Client Perspective
To establish trustworthy service relationships with its clients through engineering solutions that meet the client’s expectation and that reliably fulfill all the agreed requirements.
The Collaborator Perspective
To provide the necessary training and information to the implemented services and systems, according to the Clients needs. To provide Safety Environment to all people that falls within their authority.
The Shareholder Perspective
To guarantee the desired revenue through new Engineering solutions prevailing added value, assuring the sustainability and competitiveness of the company.
The Suppliers and Institutions Perspective
To establish mutually beneficial and trustworthy partnerships as well as the necessary support and foster their internal improvement efforts.
Oriented for Results
To achieve solid mid-term business revenues, assuring a sustainable development, considering the interests and needs of all Stakeholders.
The company’s policy will be reviewed whenever necessary in order to assure the continuous improvement of services and the efficacy of the company’s Quality Management System. Euronavy Engineering’s policy is available for consultation to all company’s stakeholders.
2nd of June 2017
The Administration
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